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Landscaping Services Bay Area

Are you looking for a service company to help beautify your landscape while maintaining its integrity? Then, look no further. We at Landscape Bay Area offer a wide range of landscaping services such as landscaping maintenance, pool landscaping, and tropical landscaping. We have an in-house team of experts that can respond to your needs in a short time.

About Us

Landscapers Bay Area is the leading landscaping service company in the Bay Area, California. Our reputation is backed by our years of intense dedication to our customer's satisfaction. We comprise passionate individuals committed to giving their best to improve the aesthetic quality of your landscapes.

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    "We've been looking for a reliable landscaping service here in the Bay Area to remodel our pool area into something that reminded us of our honeymoon in Hawaii. We called Landscapers Bay Area, and they came through for us. I'm glad that I get to relive a special moment in my life repeatedly and for a good price too." -Terry & Sarah

    "Living by the valley has always been my dream, and I'm living it. I recently needed to add some river rocks to the landscape to improve its look, and I reached out to Landscapers Bay Area. They did an awesome job, but they also did it strategically to improve the property's resistance to erosion. I'll say it was worth every penny." - James

    "Calling their company to remodel our pool area is one of the best decisions I've taken. Now I can relax and have hangouts with my friends at my poolside. The string lights are great for night time, and the grass looks great. I'm considering transforming our lawn to something with a tropical vibe, for relaxing after work. I think I'll be calling them again for that."

    Our Services

    The crew at Landscapers is filled with experts at various kinds of landscaping services. You can hire us to use our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment in transforming your lawn into what you have pictured in mind. We use only proven methods to preserve the integrity of the land. So whatever your landscaping needs, you can call us and see how we can help you.

    view from the terrace
    Landscaping Maintenance

    Are you looking for a one-time landscaping service? Or you're more interested in a continuous lawn protection service? Whatever your needs are, we at Landscapers Bay Area are equipped and ready to attend to them. We offer a wide range of landscape maintenance services such as general weeding, trimming, lawn mowing and removal of debris/browning leaves. We have a team of professional groundskeepers who use the best techniques to maintain and improve our clients' lawns. We also carry out pest and disease prevention to avert damages that your lawn would suffer otherwise. It our main objective to ensure that you get the best value for your money; that's why we offer our excellent landscape maintenance services at affordable prices.

    house with fountain outside
    Pool Landscaping

    Turning your pool area into a beautiful area where you can relax and hold recreational events with your friends shouldn't cost you an arm, and we agree. This is why we at Landscapers Bay Area offer high-quality pool landscaping services at relatively low prices. Consult with us today, and we can help you design your pool area according to your taste and budget. You are guaranteed that our low prices do not indicate inferior quality, as consistent excellence is our watchword.

    man pushing the lawn mower
    Lawn Aeration

    Lawn aeration is simply letting the soil of your lawn breathe. Yes! The soil needs sufficient air to circulate water and nutrients needed to grow plants. However, excess thatches and debris cover the soil and prevent adequate aeration. Our company is experienced at responding to several kinds of lawn aeration-related concerns that you may have. We use the most effective techniques to carry out the necessary services -core aeration or spiking- that are best suited for your lawn.

    a new design of the garden
    River Rock

    River rocks are used to give a natural allure to structure in your lawn -pathways, fountains, and swimming pool environments. Their appeal comes from their unmatched durability as alternative ground covers and their applicability to several landscapes uses. We at Landscapers Bay Area provide affordable river rock services to our clients without ever compromising on the excellent quality of the job. Feel free to select from a wide range of designs that you hope to apply to your landscape, and we'll carry it out for you. You can also consult with our professionals to find out more stylish and cost-effective applications of river rocks.

    watering the whole grass
    Hillside Landscaping

    Hillside properties are more exposed to erosion and wildfire than level-ground houses. For this reason, hillside landscaping jobs should be done by professionals who understand the terrain they're working with. The job should be approached from the standpoint of improving the aesthetic value of the property and safeguarding its integrity while providing access to emergency cases. There's no better landscaping service provider in the Bay Area that our company. We can assure you that you'll get excellent services at affordable rates.

    a newly landscape garden
    Tropical Landscaping

    If you're interested in having a tropical paradise to come home to, consider converting your lawn into a tropical landscape. This is where our services can help. At Landscapers Bay Area, we have a team of experienced groundskeepers who can help you actualize your tropical dream within your budget. Our methods are proven over the years to allow for easier maintenance so that you can trust us.

    Contact Landscapers Bay Area

    Our goal is to help you create your dream lawn. Feel free to contact us and make reservations on any of our landscaping services, and we'll get back to you. We have excellent customer service relations, and we offer consultancy services if you're interested in how we can further be of service to you. In case you're trying to contact us outside the working hours, then you can fill our contact form on our website, and we'llget back to you soon.