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Hillside Landscaping

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There’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to hillside landscaping before going about it. Since it induces a relatively higher cost to implement than many other landscaping activities, many people look at it with a lot of skepticism. This can also be because of the possible exposure to erosion and wildfires that the landscape slope suffers. We agree that it can prove to be a challenging task depending on the nature of the slope. This is where our expertise shines, as we have an in-house team of experienced groundkeepers who carry out hillside landscaping with careful consideration of all possible after-effects.

Why you should carry out hillside landscaping

With the amount of delicate planning required to carry out this service effectively, you’d wonder whether it’s even worth it. Why bother spending money on landscaping that could expose your hillside home to unfavourable conditions. Although hillside homes are generally comprised of beautiful panoramic views, they tend to suffer an inherent risk of exposure already. So the only time that landscaping would endanger a hillside property is when it is not carried out expertly. This is where we come in.

Our Techniques

We are a group of experts who have made a reputation for ourselves as the leading hillside landscaping company in the Bay Area, CA. Our groundskeepers are skilled at minimizing the risk of erosion by carefully planting gardens and shrubs along the slope. We used shrubs to preserve that the panoramic view that you enjoy from your hillside home while protecting the integrity of the soil around the slope - deep-rooted shrubs have high relative stability. We also employ several effective methods to accommodate regular maintenance and emergency service in case of a wildfire. So you can be sure that you'll get only excellence when you hire with us to carry out landscaping services on your hillside property.


You’re welcome to choose from our abundance of designs, and our team of professionals will help actualize your goal. Whether you’ll prefer planting/pruning woody plants to freeway slope planting, you decide; we have interesting designs that combine our best techniques. Our objective is to provide you with excellent customer service and safeguard the future of your property. You can rest assured that your landscape would maintain its integrity while appreciating aesthetic value. All of our designs are made to suit specific safety and beautification needs -nothing is out of place!

Our Prices

With our exquisite designs and expertise at your disposal, you’d be amazed at how affordable our prices are. We have a flexible pricing system for all our landscaping services. Alternative companies try to emulate our combination of excellence and affordability but fail. At Landscapers Bay Area, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best consultancy service they’ll need regarding landscaping. So feel free to call us and inquire about how we can help you improve the quality of your hillside home at a cheap rate. You can let us know how we can help you today.

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