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River Rock

garden with many big stones

River rock is rocks that have been shaped and smoothed by moving water or colliding rocks over time. They're commonly collected from beach deposits or rivers and come in different forms -gravels and pebbles-, smoothness and sizes. River rocks are great for adding character and beauty to your garden or lawn. We at Landscapers Bay Area are experts at achieving a wide range of landscape designs from using river rocks for numerous functions, which include beautifying your lawn.

Why you may want river rocks on your property

River rocks are used for several functions, such as constructing dry river beds for improving aesthetics. These river beds are built using various sizes of river rocks, and they can also serve the purpose of preventing erosion by diverting water away from the property. I f you're interested in adding a natural look to lawns, garden beds, pools and fountains, you want to consider installing dry river beds made of river rocks. These rocks are suitable as long-term solutions as they rarely break and come in several shapes and sizes that allow for redistribution as you deem fit -that's if they're for aesthetic purposes alone.

Our Techniques 

We at Landscapers Bay Area are a team of highly skilled groundskeepers who are experienced at installing river rocks for a wide range of purposes. So whether you're looking for a natural way to resolve erosion problems on your landscape or just trying out creative ideas with your lawn's aesthetics, we've got you. Our techniques are proven to provide the best possible design for your lawn using different sizes and kinds of river rocks. Also, we use only high-grade equipment to carry out our river rock installations. So you can rest assured that you'll get the best value for your money.

Variety of designs

Our portfolio is filled with a plethora of river rock designs that can satisfy our customers' expectations, no matter how unique they are. If you're looking for an appealing substitute for your lawn's ground cover or pathway, we recommend that you go for small-sized river rocks. Large river rocks with smoother surfaces are better suited for underplanting trees. Whatever you decide upon, our experts are always available to consult with you and actualize your dreams of a naturally designed yard.

Are they expensive

Depending on your budget, there's a river rock assortment that will suffice to adorn your yard effectively. As for our installation services, you don't need to bother as we offer the best quality of service at relatively low prices. So you can rest assured that we will employ the best equipment and only proven techniques to ensure that you get excellent service from us and for a good bargain. Our crew is committed to providing optimal consumer satisfaction with our various services, including our river rocks installation. All our available service packages are approach with this commitment, no matter how low-priced. So you can call today and let us know exactly we can beautify your yard to your taste.

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