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Tropical Landscaping

a newly landscape garden

If you own a home here in the Bay Area, California, you're in one of the best places to convert into a tropical landscape. You may wonder how it's possible since we don't have the humidity that many tropical plants are used to. Well, there are numerous alternatives to implementing your tropical garden in your backyard. So if you feel like you need your private paradise in your yard every day, you can hire us to create that for you. We have an abundance of designs and methods that will help actualize your dream and good price.


At Landscapers Bay Area, we believe that you deserve to create a tropical vibe in your home that you can come back to and relax after a long day at work. This is why we advise our clients to go big when planning their mini-paradise. You can begin deciding on new furniture and decor to go with the gardens and carefully spaced palm trees. For a complete tropical feel to your landscape, you can opt for lava rocks, paving stone patios, and bamboo to use as privacy screens. It gets more interesting if you have a theme that you want to implement in the decorative details such as string lights for night time recreational events with friends. So if you have space and budget, we can help you turn your pool to a natural landscape by introducing a riverbed of rocks to the surroundings. With all these and more at your disposal, the possibilities are limitless.

Our approach

We have a crew of expert groundskeepers who are dedicated to excellent customer service. So you can rest assured when we tell you than your tropical vision would be actualized at the best quality. We operate the best equipment and apply only proven techniques in getting the job done. This is why we've grown a reputation as the leading tropical landscaping agency in Bay Area, CA. We like to maintain the same level of quality with every customer, irrespective of your budget size.


To preserve the integrity of your landscape, we employ some measures in every tropical landscape service that we offer to ensure easy maintenance. Many of these measures are directed at preventing the waste of water. They include approaches such as arranging the plants according to their water needs and expanding hardscapes that don't need water. Our team of professionals is skilled at improving the quality of a lawn to suit our clients' tastes.


Unlike alternative tropical landscaping service providers, we understand how to work with a budget to create the mini-paradise that you envision. Our services are affordable and guaranteed to allow for easy maintenance. Landscapers Bay Area is a crew of passionate individuals who are dedicated towards excellent quality in every one of our jobs -at a reasonable price too. Feel free to call us today and find out how we can help build your relaxation spot using the best possible techniques and tools.

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